What is British Asian Woman?

What’s wrong with dating like Westerners? How Asian am I, really? How do I talk to my Asian daughter about dating & sex? They’re the sorts of things we all think about, but no one ever really seems to talk about, let alone find answers to.

British Asian Woman is the place to explore answers to the questions no one seems to ask; it’s the space for those who think outside the boundaries of the community.

I’m also curious about mainstream issues from a British Asian perspective. When the media are talking about things like feminism and “British values”, I explore how Asians should respond and what these issues mean to our community.

You’ll find posts here on identity, relationships, parenting, women’s issues, the news and current affairs.  I hope you’ll find something here that resonates with your own views and experiences. If not, or if you wholly disagree with my opinions then feel free to leave a comment, start a rant- I love a good discussion. (But no trolling- that’s not cool.)

If there’s a subject that you think I should be writing about, do drop me a line- I’m always open to hearing about the issues that affect us.

I’d also love to hear from you if you have a cross-cultural/ dual identity story to share.

So stay awhile, read, think, comment. You can contact me directly at editor@britishasianwoman.com


British Asian Woman x


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