Think, plan, achieve!

business resolutions for 2015

Not getting anywhere with your new year’s resolutions? It’s not too late to set your goals for the coming year. Here are a few thoughts on approaching 2015.

Goals v’s resolutions

Keep it simple. Write down no more than three goals you’d like to achieve. And think big-however crazy or unobtainable they seem. Because it’s those crazy big dreams that really make you tick and working towards them is what will make you want to get out of bed everyday.  Then work out the steps you need to take in order to achieve them. Set a time frame to work towards. This could be something like achieving a certain number of steps by your birthday, for example. Visualisation helps. So if it’s paying off a debt by the end of the year, get a credit card bill and write “paid in full” across it in big red letters, and stick it somewhere that you’ll see it everyday. Make sure you review your progress on a regular basis.

Other people know stuff too

Take time to listen to people- you’d be surprised how much you can learn. Everyone has a story to tell and something that you can learn from, you just gotta take time to really ‘hear’ them. The problem is, that we all assume we already know what we need to. Never stop learning! Knowledge and learning is exciting and fun as it opens up new possibilities.  Never underestimate what other people can teach you and always assume that there’s more stuff you need to know.

Hope never fails

My best friend taught me this. Sometimes faith can fail us- your faith in other people, faith in yourself, faith that you’ll get the job done, get that bill paid off, shift the extra weight. But the hope that things can change, can be better, never fails. So if you’re starting this new year in a difficult place, hold onto the hope of better times. And when you start to think more positively you’ll have the motivation to make change happen.

Keep on being your awesome self

My biggest problem with the whole new- year, new- you- thing is that it assumes you were doing something wrong before. You weren’t. There’s nothing wrong with you and your life is ok!  Yes, new year is a chance for a do-over and it’s great to set your sights on achieving something new. But don’t let the pressure to reinvent yourself overshadow the great work you’ve done this year and how far you’ve come. So keep being yourself- trust me, you’re ok.

That’s it! Keep things simple in 2015 and focus on making it happen.


This post is dedicated to my three best friends- special ladies who have taught me so much over so many years. x


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