Is one child ever enough?

We Asians are known for our large families. Which is why I was always told I needed to have ‘at least two’ children, but three would be better. Subsequently, I’ve always been frowned upon for having just one child and for conforming to a ‘Western’ model of family.

Having just one child when you’re Asian is not the norm. Of course it happens, and probably quite a lot, but it’s not the done thing; you would certainly never choose to stop at one. What’s worse is that the pressure is largely on us women – like not bearing your husband a big brood of kids to carry on his name is doing a disservice to the marriage.

My lowest point came when I found out that my sister-in-law fell pregnant after a month of being married.

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2 thoughts on “Is one child ever enough?

  1. I live in Australia and we have been “trying on” telling people that we are stopping after one baby. It’s controversial here too, everyone expects at least two. My husband is an only child and loves it! It’s your family after all

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