Is there an Asian spornosexual man?

I don’t quite know what to make of the pictures of the TOWIE boys in half-thongs this week. (If you haven’t seen the pictures have a look– it’s bizarre). The banana-hammock thing is repulsive and the completely waxed bodies including pubic area- are they trying to look like 8 year old boys? I mean, what’s masculine let alone sexy about that?

Whatever the answer is to that, the half-thong wearing TOWIE boys Bobby and Harry are said to the very embodiment of the new spornosexual man.

In the 90’s Mark Simpson coined the term “metrosexual man”, the well-groomed, well-healed man who used moisturiser. Cue a generation of David Beckham wannabes. These men had grooming habits that were usually reserved for women or gay men. Fast forward 20 years and we’re talking about the second generation of metrosexual man, the spornosexual. He’s obsessed with sex and his body. He’s revealing a bit too much of his body and he wants you to know he’s a sexual object.

Ok so I’ve just got to ask: are we going to see a new generation of spornosexual Asian men too? Obviously mainstream trends cross over but when we’re talking about aspirations of body image, do Asian men aspire to their White counterparts? I know back in the 90’s, my brothers got into the whole metrosexual trend, heck one of them asked me to give him a manicure on his wedding day (sans polish you’ll be glad to know).

Today I do know of young Asian men in their late 20’s and 30’s- the younger brothers of friends of mine- who post pictures on Facebook of their six packs and pumped up biceps. One of them always puts up pictures of his ‘healthy dinner’ and tells us all how low calorie it is. Obsessing about their bodies, counting calories, that sounds pretty spornosexual to me- is this the beginning?

Just please God don’t ever post pictures of yourself in a half-thong because I WILL unfriend you….




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