I heart October

October is my favourite month. I love watching the change in season, marked particularly by the change in  weather, wardrobe and colours. I love love love the hazy sunshine and seeing the leaves falling gently to the ground, and eventually being able to crunch them underfoot.

It makes me want to rush down out and buy packs of sharpened pencils, biros and new notebooks (I love the smell of the paper). And a pencil case. Oh and one of the plastic square lunchbooks with a thermos flask inside it.When I’ve come indoors from a walk in that golden hazy October sun, I want to bake an apple crumble and read books about field mice who cook bramble jam and collect nuts and seeds for the winter. I want to sit under a blanket and watch a Meg Ryan romcom. Yes the nights start drawing in, but deliciously so. October is just delicious….sigh. And yes autumn is the prelude to the most dreary and seemingly never ending season of the year, winter. I’m not a fan of winter, specifically post- Christmas dull January (sorry January). But before then, I’m going to enjoy all the loveliness of October. Like a golden hazy pause before….Christmas comes calling!

P.S. Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all things Fall!


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