British Asian Mum teams up with masalamommas!

I am thrilled to announce that I have joined the first ever Parenting Editorial Board hosted by masalamommas, a website for mums and mums- to- be with a South Asian connection.

Founded and run by award-winning journalist and mum of two Anjum Choudry Nayyar, masalamommas features great content on parenting, culture and womanhood, along with advice, interviews and regular columns from other South Asian mums. Anjum told me:

Anjum Choudry Nayyar, founder of

Anjum Choudry Nayyar, founder of

“Once I married and had children, I found myself wondering about the rules and customs surrounding various South Asian traditional family occasions. ”

“Although I grew up in a South Asian family myself, I found that it wasn’t always clear how I could provide the best blend of traditional and modern when it came to parenting. I was also faced with the daily push and pull of balancing work life with home life.”

“I often wondered how other young mums facing the same issues juggled it. It was out of this need that masalamommas was born. It allows South Asian women to celebrate and commiserate about the challenges and opportunities that come along with being a mother with roots in traditional South Asian culture.”

MM Parenting BoardThe masalamommas Parenting Editorial Board brings together women from around the world to share their experiences of being South Asian women, wives and mums. Of this new venture, Anjum says:

“I thinks it’s important that we look beyond on our own backyard for stories that foster a dialogue and conversation, so that we, as a global community of mums can empower each other. My goal in this parenting board is to provide diversity to the editorial content that we produce at masalamommas, as we look to each other to find out what issues and challenges we each face in our own communities.”

Please do check out masalamommas on your web- travels today; stay awhile, look around, sign up for the newsletter. And stay tuned to to see what possibilities this new partnership will bring!


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