Are mixed-religion marriages a mission impossible?

British Asian Woman

As mixed race marriages in the Asian community in Britain are becoming more and more common, it follows then that we are also talking about dual-religion marriages too. I’ve seen many a wedding photo on Facebook of an English man dressed up in a sherwani (the traditional Indian-male wedding outfit,) posing next to his beautiful Asian bride all decked out in her red wedding sari and full on mendhi for their ‘Indian wedding day’. Conversely, many Asian women have donned a traditional white wedding dress for their church wedding.

So the question is, after the confetti has fallen, and the bhangra dancers have packed up and gone home, do mixed religion marriages actually work?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are reported to have split up over Tom’s strong Scientology beliefs- Katie allegedly did not want to raise their daughter Suri in the religion.  Interestingly, Tom’s three year relationship with Penelope…

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One thought on “Are mixed-religion marriages a mission impossible?

  1. I think it depends on the couple.There are mixed religion marriages,who are doing well. One always hears about the break-up not the ones who are happily married.

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