5 Things to Inspire You

Here’s a challenge to all you creative types out there: what inspires you? What moves you to be creative and therefore productive?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this sort of thing this week in a bid to get me back into the creative saddle and writing again. I came up with the top five things that really get my creative juices flowing, and I thought I would jot them down in case it helps anyone and well, just because it’s fun!

1. Silence

I love it when my little one is asleep or there is no one else in the house- just me and my thoughts. Then I can really hear my  my own voice. I can clarify, organise and create. Pretty soon a narrative is formed and out tumble the words. And I’m writing again…

2. Beautiful landscapes

Both my dad and husband are amateur photographers. I’ve been surrounded by the pictures that move them all my life, and it’s sort of seeped into my soul. (Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to places that inspire me). Looking at a beautiful landscape takes my imagination to far-away places and makes me think of the people that populate those places, the lives they must live, stories they could tell. (Everyone has a story- have you noticed that? You just have to listen hard enough). And it makes me want to write them down.

3. Good journalism

Well this one is a bit of a cheat, because good journalism should move anyone who reads it. Good, balanced writing should provoke thought and reaction (bad journalism does that too, but it also annoys me so it hasn’t made it onto my list). A good piece of writing fuels my thoughts and helps me form opinions.

4. Injustice

You know when you’re watching the news and a story pops up about children that were mistreated, women who were beaten, low-paid workers that were exploited, or anything that makes you want to yell “that’s not fair”? That. You just have to click on my homepage and you’ll see many posts that I have written because I’ve wanted to have my say about something. I guess that’s not really being inspired as such, but it makes me want to have my say and write. So its sort of the same thing.

5. A good film

Yep, I love a good flick. Whether it was A Beautiful Mind (I cry every time I watch it) or My Big Fat Greek Wedding (cross-cultural wedding- what’s not to love?) an hour or three of big-screen escapism really fuels my thinking. Maybe its watching the stories of others, or just the very process of relaxing the mind, a film always inspires me leaves me ready to create.

So for all you writers, artists, photographers (fill in your creative discipline here) who like me perhaps stopped, um, creating, or just as a soul searching exercise, I challenge you this week to think about the things that inspire you. Let it take you back to the heart of you are and what makes you tick. You never know what could come of it!


3 thoughts on “5 Things to Inspire You

  1. Hi There, I just randomly came across your blog today and wanted to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying making my way through it. You have some really thought provoking post :o) I, personally, get my inspiration from colour… in all walks of life. I’ve always had a passion for colour and now that I no longer have my career (due to health reasons) colour is the one thing that puts a smile on my face and inspires me daily :o) Love Sheen xxx

    • Hi Sheen!
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the site! Lots of changes going on so its an exciting time here. Hope you’ll stay and find more stuff you like.

      So when you say ‘colour’ inspires you; can you be more specific?

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