The work-life balance: “because I’m worth it”

So it seems I’ve had a fairly bad case of blogging fatigue. I cannot describe it as a blogcation, that would imply that I was off doing something nice instead of blogging. No, I simply haven’t been able to blog, as I haven’t been able to find the time, let alone the head space to write anything. I’ve been so busy with ‘my full time job’ of being a mum. All the responsibilities and day to day commitments have crowded out any inspiration to put pen to paper, or indeed, fingers to keyboard.

Now that my daughter is at nursery five mornings a week, the pressure has eased up a bit. But I still struggle to fit in all the things I need to get done (the three hour nursery session goes very quickly and I’m back at those school gates more quickly than I can say ‘housework’). My work as a freelance journalist has become totally sidelined, while this poor old blog has become dusty and unloved; a kind of cherished memory of the summer along with the Olympics.

I’m sure, in fact I’m certain that many of you, whether mums or not, also struggle to get the work life balance right. We find ourselves being poured into ‘our day job’ and chasing after that urban myth called ‘me-time’.

Recently though I was called to reassess my priorities. A possible job opportunity popped up in my inbox. That’s right, a real life job, in the real world, earning real money. Wow. I felt slightly sick, with dollar signs in my eyes as I envisioned all the things we could do with the extra money, picturing myself dressed ready for the office.

But then I sat down to think of the logistics of it all. Days in the office meant childcare which ultimately meant time away from my daughter.

For those of you who follow this blog, you’ll know that I spent some time potty training her this summer. There have been other significant changes in her little life too this summer, like moving to a big bed and wearing a school uniform. In short, she has grown up a lot in these past few months, all in a flash. And I realised that that’s what I’ll be missing if I went back to the office and let someone else do all those ‘firsts’ with her. Next year, she’ll start primary school and it’ll be time to reassess my priorities again, but for now, my place is here. And I’ve realised that I’m ok with that, in fact I want that.

So I’ve decided I need to work a little harder at getting that balance right, and here I am back at my desk, attempting to carve out my me-time again.

I heard it said that women carry a disproportionate weight of responsibility; we juggle family, marriage, motherhood, domesticity, careers with so many other unnamed tasks: button-sewer, taxi driver, bottom-cleaner, meal-planner/maker, phonics teacher, homework checker and so on and on and on…

But what about our responsibility to ourselves? Time to shift the balance a little…..


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