History makers

This year, the first ever female Olympic athletes will compete for Team Saudi Arabia. In a landmark moment on Friday’s opening ceremony, the two women, Sarah Attar and Wojdan Shahrkhani, proudly wave their flags as they represent their country in London 2012’s Olympic Games.

As a woman who is from a culture that continually marginalises, excludes and denies the rights of women, I cannot help but burst with pride at this massive achievement. My family and I lived in Saudi Arabia when I was ten, and my mum I constantly faced what can only be called discrimination justified in the name of religion: women not allowed to drive, not allowed to go in a taxi without a male family member present, not allowed to go to the main Riyadh post office (yes, really).

So, as the International Editor of the Atlantic, Max Fisher points out in his article, these two women are already the biggest victors of the 2012 Olympic Games. Read his full article here, its well worth a look.

Well done ladies, I wish you the very best.


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