Let’s talk ladies…

It’s funny that in this day and age of social media, where everyone is connected to each other via Twitter and Facebook, there are very few connections amongst British Asian women, digitally speaking; and especially amongst us mums. I mean, sure you know the women in your local area, the mums at the toddler group or other mums at your gurdwara, church or mosque. But what do we each really know about the other British Asian mums living hundreds of miles away from us?

For example, as a mum based in the South of England, I don’t know anything about what life is like for a British Asian mum in say Bradford or Leeds. (And yet I know the in’s and out’s of lives of celebrities and other famous people because of the media.)

When I was doing research for this site, I was absolutely amazed that there were no blogs out there about ‘mums like me’.  I trawled the internet to find something really relevant to me. What I found were countless blogs about every other walk of life of motherhood, except ours.

And so Britishasianmum.com was born. This is a site dedicated to the lives of second generation Asian women in Britain today, who have married here and are now raising the next generation of British Asians.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or which country in the Indian subcontinent you descend from, I hope that you’ll find something of interest here. It’ll be a mix of current affairs, social issues, inspirational pieces and some stories of my own life and experiences. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, I urge you to contact me at britishasianmum@yahoo.co.uk and tell me what you’d like to see; or better yet, I invite you to be a guest blogger here. I welcome your stories and thoughts, and life experiences. At the end of each of blog, there will usually be either a question to get you thinking and encourage debate, or a kind of call to response inviting your views and comments.

And if you don’t agree with my opinions, if I offend you, why not take it out on your keyboard by sending me your response- set me straight!?

Either way, let’s get talking. Let’s get a dialogue going amongst our community of British Asian mums.

Happy reading!

British Asian Mum x


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